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The Petition

Since 2001, 15,228 animals have been caught in Queensland’s lethal shark control program.

These innocent animals, including dolphins, turtles, and whales were left struggling for hours – many dying slow and agonising deaths.

The Hon. Mark Furner is in charge of removing these death traps, and replacing them with more effective technology to protect both swimmers and marine life.

Can you take action to stop this senseless killing of marine life? Add your name to the petition and call for the removal of shark nets and drumlines in Queensland.

The Queensland Government spends $13.1 million per year on their shark control program, with only $1 million spent on researching and trialling non-lethal alternatives.

Meanwhile these death traps pose a constant threat to anything that swims near.

Studies have shown shark nets can’t guarantee swimmer safety and more effective non-lethal technologies are already being trialled in NSW and Western Australia.

Please sign the petition to hold the Queensland government accountable for the thousands of innocent marine lives killed in their lethal shark control program.

Watch this video to find out more
WARNING: you may find it distressing.
The Letter


the Hon. Mark Furner,

I am writing to express my concern in relation to the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries lethal shark control program.

A 2017 Australian Senate Inquiry reviewed evidence for and against the effectiveness of mesh nets and lethal drum lines and found it is impossible for them to guarantee public safety.

High-levels of by-catch mean Queensland’s current shark control program causes significant damage to the marine environment.

According to QLD Government’s catch statistics, since 2001 the mesh nets and lethal drumlines have caught 15,228 marine animals, a figure that includes endangered and critically endangered species. In this 19-year period alone, 1,322 rays, 804 turtles (including 566 endangered loggerhead turtles), 315 dolphins, 78 whales, 37 critically endangered grey nurse sharks, and 18 dugongs have been caught.

A recent peer-reviewed study found some species of sharks have declined by up to 92% off Queensland’s coast leaving them even more vulnerable to exploitation.

While we welcome the government’s recent announcement to invest $1 million annually over the next four years into researching new technologies, we request the additional $13.1 million not be directed to maintaining or increasing the current lethal shark control program.

Scientific research into more effective shark mitigation and trialling of these technologies has already been underway in Australia for a number of years. In line with the recommendations of the Australian Senate, we request that you redirect these funds towards non-lethal alternatives such as drones, aerial surveillance, shark spotting, eco-barriers, and personal protection devices.


Say ‘no’ to Queensland’s shark nets

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